I'd love to help you make sure that you get a tattoo that you'll be proud to wear the rest of your life. 

I try my best to communicate exactly how I do my bookings and consults here. I do all of my consults and pricing  in person-only due to the design process. I do walk-in consults at my shop Aces and Eights Tattoo at 584 Broad Street in Augusta, Georgia, Wednesday - Saturday 2-10pm. Stop by and speak to me in person to get started on your next tattoo.

Here's some things to know about getting a tattoo with me:



Consultations to book an appointment with me are as follows:

  • Done in the shop, IN PERSON-ONLY, during regular business hours Wednesday-Saturday.
  • Free. You must leave a deposit to book an appointment and BEFORE any design/drawing is done.
  • Please bring in your OWN design thoughts and ideas. This is YOUR tattoo. I'll help you create the perfect tattoo, but at the end of the day, it's YOUR tattoo. Use Google search for photos/ideas that you like and we can make it YOUR tattoo together. Bring these in with you.
  • No appointments required or booked for consultations.



A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $100 is required to book an appointment with me. This deposit goes towards your tattoo cost and holds your appointment spot. ONLY after a deposit is placed will I draw up your tattoo.  The deposit amount will be credited towards the total cost of your tattoo. This deposit must be paid in cash. 

To reschedule your appointment with me, I require a 48 HOUR NOTICE to retain your deposit.

You may reschedule your appointment ONE time. If you cancel or need to reschedule your 2nd appointment, you forfeit your original $100 deposit and an additional $200 deposit is required to book a 3rd appointment. 

If you are more than 15 minutes late without calling or texting ahead of time, your appointment is cancelled and you forfeit your deposit. You will need to come into the shop to reschedule a new appointment and a new deposit is required. 

If you cancel your appointment, your deposit is forfeited. 



  • Please wear appropriate clothing for your appointment. Example: think about where on your body that you're getting tattooed and wear clothing that is easy to remove so that I can get to that area. 
  • Do not come to your appointment if you are drunk, high or sick. Please call or text to reschedule and give at least a 24 HOUR NOTICE.
  • Please do not bring 'your crew' with you. You can have one person in the booth with you during your appointment, anyone else will need to wait in the lobby.
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
  • Come ready to sit back and enjoy. I work fast, but I do not rush my work because I want you to love it and that requires me to stay focused and not rush it.